Sexual health educators get excited over lots of things. New condoms. People discussing consent. Or news there are new contraceptives on the market.

We also get super-excited for Sexual and Reproductive Health Week. It’s like our Halloween.

Some of us celebrate by decorating our offices, going out and speaking in the community, or burning up social media with posts on sexual health.

We think it’s only appropriate that the biggest Sexuality holiday falls on Valentine’s. This year, we’re celebrating from February 12 to 18.

Our theme is Pillow Talk. It’s not just an old pillow talk, though, but ways to start conversations with your health care provider.

Here are some questions we’d recommend:

“What do you wish your health care provider knew about sexual health?”

“What do you wish everyone knew about sexual health?”

Or maybe just “Why is sexual health important to you?”

Got an old pillow? Why not write on it and Tweet it with the hashtag #PillowTalk. You can also print off our virtual pillow and do the same.

This year, don’t be silent. Start the conversation and improve your sexual health today!

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