Sexual Health Centre Lunenburg County is a resource centre that offers education, programming and resources. We are pro-choice, youth-friendly and LGBTQ2SAP positive.

We believe that everyone should have access to quality, non-judgemental sexual education and resources.

We provide a variety of materials and educational services as well as free or low-cost condoms (internal and external), and pregnancy tests. For more information, visit the services page.



To promote sexual and reproductive health throughout the lifespan by providing information, education and services, and encouraging informed, responsible attitudes toward sexuality.


Sexual Health Nova Scotia is the representative body of the separately run affiliates of Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights who are located in Nova Scotia. We all have individual Boards, but adhere to the same principles and practices.

These centres provide information, education, resources, referrals, condoms, and pregnancy testing, including us.

The Halifax Sexual Health Centre is the only site that has a clinic and can provide medical services such as birth control prescriptions, Pap tests, STI testing, abortion referrals, and anonymous HIV testing. Please feel free to make an appointment and visit the Centre if you are in the Quinpool Road area.


We are an independent charity run by a volunteer Board of Directors and small staff.