Victim Services. Supports survivors after a crime, with information on the legal process, counselling, victim impact statements. The local office is based in Kentville but has a toll-free number. (1.800.565.1805)

Nova Scotia Legal Aid. The service provides legal representation to those who may not be able to afford a lawyer. Some services may be provided regardless of income. Ask for details on your situation. To reach the Bridgewater and Liverpool office, call 1.866.543.4658.


Family Law Nova Scotia. Site with resources and information on Family Law. Provides the latest laws, processes, and more. Helpful for anyone undergoing a divorce, adoption, or other process involved in the legal system.

Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia. The website has a lot of information on your legal rights, as well as information an getting 1/2 hour appointments if you do not qualify for Legal Aid.

Mik’maq Legal Support Network. Provides support to all Aboriginal people in Nova Scotia. (902.379.2042).