Sexual Assault Services for Lunenburg/Queens. Trauma-informed services for people who have experienced sexual assault. Accessible through first responders like the police, EHS, and all South Shore hospitals, as well as local non-profits. Can include mental health support, medical treatment, and anonymous evidence gathering after an assault. You can choose to have a SANE gather evidence for anonymous storage until you are ready for file a report with police. This is stored for up 5 years.

RCMP. Call 911 for emergencies or individual attachments for questions, or to report them if you are no longer in danger. After-hours calls go through one number: 1.800.803.7267

Bridgewater Police Service. Contact them at 902.543.2464 for non-emergencies. (Emergencies require 911.)

Department of Community Services. If you know of a child or teenager who is being abused, report it to DCS. (You can choose to be anonymous.) They will investigate cases to ensure the children are safe. if a child is in immediate danger after regular business hours, call 1.866.922.2434. During the day, you can call the Lunenburg County office at 902.543.4554. In Queens County, call Liverpool at 902.354.2771.

Harbour House. A safe transition house for women and children experiencing violence. Someone is available 24/7 for women in crisis. Call toll free 1.888.543.3999 or locally at 902.543.3999. Outreach and support groups are available in smaller communities, as well as in-house for residents.

Victim Services. Supports survivors after a crime, with information on the legal process, counselling, victim impact statements. In order to access free counselling, you do have to make a report. (1.800.565.1805)

Emergency Protection Order. Available 24/7. Call 1.866.816.6555 or apply for one through your local police or transition house. Info on Emergency Protection Orders are here.

Nova Scotia Legal Aid. The service provides legal representation to those who may not be able to afford a lawyer. Some services may be provided regardless of income. Ask for details on your situation. To reach the Bridgewater and Liverpool office, call 1.866.543.4658.


Transition House Association of Nova Scotia. Through this site, you can access transition houses across the province.

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre. If you can get to one of four sites in the Halifax Regional Municipality, you can access the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner after an assault 24/7. Call 902.425-0122. The program is not yet offered on the South Shore. For counselling and support after an assault, call 902.422.4240 during regular business hours. You will then speak to an intake worker. Avalon is based in the HRM and focuses on women and trans individuals 16 and older.

Welkaqanik Next Step Shelter. A second step shelter whose priority is women who are Aboriginal. Call 902.895.1738.

Intimate Partner Violence. The page from the NS Department of Justice has links to information and service providers.

Nova Scotia Domestic Violence Resource Centre. Information on where to get help and help others. Includes map of local services.


National Clearinghouse on Family Violence. Resources on domestic violence, published by the federal government.