We offer information to support you in making your own decisions about sexual health. While we do not provide formal counselling, we offer education on healthy sexuality and its many related topics. We can also give you information on local services that support your well-being.

Although you are welcome to drop by our office, we recommend making an appointment to ensure you are able to meet with staff. We are sometimes out in the community doing work.

If you cannot make it to our office, we may be able to arrange for outreach. Our resources are limited, but we have worked with others (for example, guidance counsellors) to visit their office and meet with you privately.

Our guidance is completely confidential, although there are exceptions:

  • our client is a danger to themselves or others
  • a client requests we release their information
  • a court orders we release certain information
  • someone is in need of protection

These exceptions mean that if a minor or vulnerable person has been harmed or is in danger of harm, we must report it to either the Department of Community Services or the local police.